Why Blueprint?


If you’re here about the boat, that story is below. But in short: Blueprint Leadership exists because the world needs more spaces for leaders to grow in intimacy with God and become fully alive in who God calls them to be. The more leaders living with clarity and purpose, in a healthy and sustainable way, the greater the impact for the Kingdom. Our transformed lives are the best representations of the Good News!

The invitation for everyone is the same: life to the full. But the shared calling to love God and our neighbours, and lead ourselves and others well, looks uniquely different for every person. As we answer the call, we become living blueprints of what is possible when we listen to God’s leading and respond with intention and focus. That is something our families, friends, communities and the world are longing to see.

Blueprint Leadership is designed to help leaders like you

  • find a safe, encouraging and empowering environment

  • discern who God is calling you to be and what God is calling you to do

  • and in partnership with the Holy Spirit, create a blueprint for how to become that person

Through coaching, you’ll discover more about God, more about you, and practical steps to become the leader you were created to be.

Together, we’ll be a tribe of leaders alive in our callings, clear in our vision, healthy in our self-leadership and impactful in our leadership of others. We’d love to have you on board!


The boat story

It all started in Cambodia…

My wife and I were on a trip around the world, visiting leaders and asking them questions like:

  • What do you do to stay in love with Jesus before working for Him?

  • How do you practice healthy marriage and friendships?

  • How do you raise children in your context?

  • What do your rhythms of rest look like?

  • How do you stay hopeful and joyful in the midst of difficult places and circumstances?

Whilst spending some quality time with God in Phnom Penh, I had a vivid interaction with Him. As best as I can remember, it went something like this:

God: I want you to talk to me about your children.

Me: What do you mean? I don’t have children and we’re not planning yet.

Maybe so, but I know your kids already. I want to show you something.

(He shows me an image of the ocean. I see clear waters and blue skies. Next I see choppy seas. Finally, I see full on raging storms.)

This is the ocean you and your family will sail. If you knew what kind of ocean was coming, wouldn’t you start building your boat now? And what kind of boat would you build?

(He shows me the Ark. )

If you listen to my call and build your life around it intentionally, this is what you get: Something strong and sturdy for you and your family to sail the oceans with. You’ll still get the storms, but I will make you able to withstand the storms. But if you delay, if you wait until you’re pregnant or after the baby is born, this is what you’ll get…

(He shows me a shoddy raft made of sticks.)

You might still make it with this, but it will hurt so much more.

I’m inviting you to have life to the full for you and your family. Come and build the boat with me.

That moment cut me to the core and lit a fire in me to be relentless in how I spend my time, invest in my relationships, discern my call and take action in pursuit of Jesus. It led me here, to Blueprint, to empower others to build their boats. Yours won’t look the same as mine - but, though different, we are each an important puzzle piece in God’s restoration of all things. The best gift we can give to those we love and lead is our transformed selves. I would love to help you discover and begin living out your leadership transformation blueprint today. Let’s start building!

For Jesus and His Kingdom,