Blueprint Leadership Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation designed to draw out your full potential and help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be through self-discovery and powerful action steps. This could be for yourself or your team and organisation. You gain greater clarity and build momentum towards your desired growth areas in a safe, encouraging environment that keeps you accountable. Coaching is not about giving advice or telling you what to do - it’s about asking big questions that help draw out the wisdom, capacity, and leadings of the Holy Spirit that you may not realise are already in you.

Coaching helps you:

  • hear what the Holy Spirit is calling you to;

  • define clarity of direction and purpose;

  • create powerful actions and transformative habits;

  • have accountability and support as you follow through with those action steps.

This creates forward momentum and growth in the things that matter to you!

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Coaching Benefits Others

Imagine what it would mean for your loved ones, organisation, team members and the people around you if you were thriving in the important areas of your life... Evidence shows that coaching positively impacts them too!

A 2014 study revealed that coaching of Christian leaders led to significant and measurable positive impacts on church attendance, health and vitality; and sparked new, creative and missional initiatives. (Trist 2014)

Finally, a portion of all proceeds from coaching is used to provide pro bono coaching and leadership training to leaders in low socio-economic, under resourced or cross-cultural areas. Every coaching client further releases us to partner with great organisations to develop ongoing discipleship, mentoring, coaching, resourcing and networking of leaders on the edges of society. Your investment will not only benefit you and your loved ones, but will allow us to invest in emerging leaders on the margins! Everybody wins!

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Impact of Coaching


Source: 2009 Global Coaching Client Study



The Blueprint tribe are an incredible collection of people! Parents, pastors, teachers, social workers, doctors, creatives, and more. Here’s a glimpse of what they’ve been up to:

  • partnering with a team to shelter trafficked women and children, and provide them opportunities for leadership development, education, and professional support for healing and recovery

  • organising a national worship tour reaching 1000+ people

  • developing personal curriculums to continue learning whilst educating others

  • building in consistent rhythms to carve out time with God

  • strategising with their partners for greater unity in marriage

  • launching new businesses

  • supporting women in custody and their families

  • creating and telling stories that engage and inspire people

  • and lots more amazing things!