Blueprint Leadership Coaching

Coaching works! Here’s how it has impacted other leaders:


Nathan Shanks, Student Minister

“I came to coaching with two main issues: firstly, I wanted to be a better husband to my wife; and secondly, I wanted to improve my leadership in my workplace. I suppose I felt a little helpless. I didn’t know how to address these challenges and often found myself getting angry that things weren’t improving. I didn’t know where to start and kind of went in circles. Coaching helped encourage the conversation in a way where I was able to pinpoint what was going on, look at perspectives that I had previously been unaware of, and it helped me gain clarity about simple, actionable steps that were gearing me toward success in those areas.

I realised coaching was working to solve my problems the day my wife noticed that I was acting differently around her (in a good way) and it was because I was being consistent with one of the action steps Ben had helped me commit to. After a year of coaching, my marriage is much healthier, we have a better understanding of each other and how we are wired so we can better love one another. My leadership at work has improved as well, being more secure in who I am, how to lead, and what it means to be a consistent leader.

Going on this journey has showed me, perhaps more than anything else, a new way of thinking and dialoguing to discover solutions to problems that I likely wouldn’t have found on my own. If you are struggling with a challenge that isn’t getting any better, try coaching with Ben to see just how simple action steps could be to begin the process of solving your problem!”

Robbie Philpott, Educator

"Before coaching, I was hungry for growth. I had a choice between what I already knew and the humbling prospect that there might be more to know. Over the past 12 months of coaching with Ben, I can see evidence of where I have genuinely "leveled up" in different areas of my life. Coaching is an investment in yourself, your quality of life and that of those around you. If you're sitting on the fence about coaching, I implore you to give it a crack!"

Ellen Grabner, Linguist

“Conversations with Ben always were what prayer sometimes can be: a place held in safety and trust, with a conversation partner who is gentle and clear. In his questions, reflections and encouragement, Ben is affirming, compassionate; straight-forward and unafraid. The greatest gift to me is that with every conversation, a wider and freer prospect is in clear view. Ben unapologetically points me onward to the goodness, joy and generosity of life.”

Katherine Davies, Chaplain

“Coaching with Ben has been an immensely positive experience. He has helped me to identify areas in my life that need developing and create practical strategies to ensure I reach the goals I set for these areas. Coaching has helped me to grow in ways I didn't think I could, it has positively impacted on my work, relationships and hobbies and I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Sarah Plunkett, Mum and Student Teacher

“I have known Ben for a while and trusted his integrity as a God appointed leader. After a chance conversation with Ben about coaching I decided to engage in the process, which was something I had never considered before and didn’t think was relevant for the stage of life I am in (studying and staying at home raising my kids!). I wanted someone to help me distill the call God had for me and take the small steps I needed to get to the ‘bigger things’ I was called to be doing. I have never doubted that God has a big, varied call on my life, but sometimes it was hard to know where to start when there is so much going on in life. 

From the first phone call I felt challenged and inspired by Ben. He asked questions that people had not asked me before: deeper questions that required pondering and uncovered promises, direction and purpose. 

Ben is so personable and coaching just felt like I was catching up with a friend… a friend who kept me accountable, always pushed to see the best in me and knew exactly what to ask to take me to the next level with God and in my call. 

I was amazed that I saw results from the very first phone call with Ben. Along with asking the right questions, he worked with me to commit to concrete behavioural changes that would lead to the personal outcomes I was seeking. The changes and commitments were small and achievable, but no less impactful, and seeing instant results was an exciting motivator that kept me pushing in to God. 

My focus with God was to learn how to abide in deeper ways. This practice has helped me create a rhythm within my life that has strengthened me, given me vision, increased my capacity and awoken me to the many ways God is currently using me, and seeks to use me in the future. I feel my direction is clearer and I have more vision than I ever had before

I would say to anyone considering coaching that it is the highest form of self care. I found that taking the time to refocus and allow another person to draw out wisdom and guidance in me helped me to walk more confidently along the path I am called to, which in turn helps my family and allows me to be more truly myself. I don’t think I would have asked those deep questions to myself or taken the time to really think about my options, my history, my call, my present and my future. Life is busy and focusing on myself was not high on my priority list, especially in the stage of life I am currently in. Working with Ben was one of the best things I did this year, and helped me raise the bar of my performance in all areas  - I am forever grateful.”